With Violent Crime on the Rise, More Germans Get Strapped

Rising violent crime in Germany is making citizens apply for permits to carry guns.

In present-day Germany, approximately 640,000 citizens are legally allowed to carry a firearm for self-defense.

This figure has grown significantly since 2014 when there was only 260,000 permits to carry a gun. This represents a 250 percent increase in just five years.

The highest number of per capita number of firearm owners are located in Schleswig-Holstein (9.6 per 1000 inhabitants) and in Saarland (9.2).

The Union of Police (GDP) contends that the main reason that’s causing this is a “latent feeling of insecurity” in the German population. “Ever since the events on the Cologne Cathedral plate in the New Year’s Eve 2015, more and more people seem to feel insecure,” GDP chairman Oliver Malchow claimed.

Cologne’s New Year’s Eve celebrations notoriously witnessed North African and Middle Eastern men commit mass sexual assaults in Cologne’s city center. There were a total of 24 alleged rapes and a number of thefts that occurred.

“The problematic increase in small arms licenses shows that we need to work to restore a sense of security to many citizens,” Malchow declared. The GDP chairman added, “A first important step is more police presence on the road.”

At the moment, 5.4 million weapons are owned by private citizens in Germany, which puts the rate of gun ownership in the country at 66 weapons per 1000 inhabitants.


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