VIDEO: Home Resident Scares Off Intruders with His Rifle

Concealed Nation shared a video of an armed individual defending himself against potential robbers.

Two assailants were kicking on a resident’s door in the middle of the night.

The person defending himself only had a few seconds to get his AR-15 after there were knocks on his door. After checking to see what was going on outside through the door’s peephole, he saw two men outside.

He then goes to grab his firearm and prepare for a potential scuffle.

As the door is kicked in, he comes back into the frame and surprises the would be assailants when he points his rifle at them.

They immediately ran from the scene.

The resident did show restraint, however, by not pulling the trigger when he noticed that neither of the suspects were armed.

This represents another case of defensive gun use that is common across America. Not always does the firearm owner have to use his gun during these incidents.

The video of this incident can be found below:


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