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Montana Senator Steve Daines is Opposed to Red Flag Laws

Unlike most Republicans in the aftermath of mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, Montana Senator Steve Daines is holding his ground and not submitting to anti-gun pressure.

Many Republicans such as Dan Crenshaw are entertaining “red flag” gun confiscation legislation, while others like Pat Toomey want to expand background checks.

According to a national alert from Gun Owners of America, Daines is not ready to put his constituents’ Second Amendment rights on the chopping block.

Daines declared that “These horrible tragedies should not be politicized to advance a political agenda. Knee-jerk reactions and more gun laws are not the solution. I stand strongly in favor of protecting and defending the Second Amendment and Montanans’ constitutional right to bear arms.”

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GOA notes that the “pressure Daines and others are under is immense.” Under such circumstances there will be enormous internal and external pressure for legislatures to do something out of political desperation.

The gun organization also added that party leaders are urging elected officials like Daines “to cave” and “their phones are ringing off the hook with paid activists posing as “angry voters” demanding they flip.”

GOA later encouraged its members to call Daines and congratulate him for not buying into the anti-gun Kool-Aid.

Nevertheless, the battle is far from over. Senators like Lindsey Graham are quickly moving red flag gun confiscation legislation forward and Democrats in the House are looking for squishy Republicans in the Senate to cut a deal on gun control.

This has all the makings of the biggest gun control battle in recent memory.

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