Jim Jordan is Not Buying the Anti-Gun Propaganda

Congressman Jim Jordan is keeping his composure in a time when Republicans are beginning to concede ground on gun control. reported that Jordan is not interested in entertaining red flag laws or universal background checks.

He wrote an opinion piece on Fox News describing these measures as “ineffective and misguided.”

Penning it alongside Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie, Jordan stated the following in this piece:

For the safety of the general public, perhaps we should have a mandatory waiting period for lawmakers who rush to pass unconstitutional and unhelpful legislation.

This is in stark contrast to other elected officials such as Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown and Republican Governor Mike DeWine who are calling for some form of gun control. In Brown’s case, he is in favor of universal background check legislation, whereas DeWine wants red flag laws in addition to universal background check lite legislation.

Additionally, the congressmen also argued that the only way to enforce a universal background check is through a universal gun registry, which they believe “is a step toward future gun confiscation.”

These kinds of no compromise voices are needed in Congress during times when the anti-gun Left is smelling blood in the water.

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