Free Speech Social Media Platform Gab Exposes Corporate Gun Grabbers

Free speech social media platform GAB exposed a list of major companies for supporting gun control in a statement released on September 12, 2019.

The started by saying that “We already know that Silicon Valley doesn’t support the first amendment. That much is obvious.”

However, politically “woke” corporations aren’t just stopping with free speech. Gab noted that “Today we learn which companies don’t support the 2nd amendment while supporting dystopian “red flag” laws that can be used to seize your guns.”

Andrew Torba, the founder of GAB, referred to a New York Times piece highlighting a list of CEOs who spoke out in favor of gun control.

The NYT summed up what measures these corporate titans want Congress to take up:

In a direct and urgent call to address gun violence in America, the chief executives of some of the nation’s best-known companies sent a letter to Senate leaders on Thursday, urging an expansion of background checks to all firearms sales and stronger “red flag” laws.

In their letter shared to NYT, the corporate bigwigs of 145 companies added, “Doing nothing about America’s gun violence crisis is simply unacceptable and it is time to stand with the American public on gun safety.”

The corporate titans’ letter, which calls on the majority Republican Senate to take on gun control that has passed in the House, is one of the most visible efforts launched by businesses to get politically involved on a wedge issue such as gun control.

The politicization of business is just one of the many facets of American life that the Left has successfully carried out in their quest for cultural and political dominance. Such encroachments create a politically toxic environment where people can’t separate their normal lives from politics.

The signers of this letter can be found below:


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