Armed Man Saves Lives at a Virginia Beach 7/11 reports that a Virginia Beach man pulled off a successful case of defensive gun use at a 7-Eleven store earlier on July 25, 2019.

After being involved in a heated argument with his stepfather, and police had been called to the house, the 37-year-old man walked off to pick up his conversion van.

Realizing that he had nothing to drink, the man walked into a 7-Eleven store to buy a Big Gulp.

After he filled up the drink he went straight to the counter.

He recounted what happened next:

“I’m sipping on my Big Gulp, and this red beam cuts into my drink. I look down and I’ve got a pink drink with something orangish-red in there. Then I look up and there are two guys pretty much standing on top of each other with two guns pointed in my face.”

The two gunmen were reportedly at the last stop of a string of robberies around 2 a.m. that Thursday morning. They were wearing hoods and had bandanas covering their faces.

The red spot that the man saw was a laser light from one of the guns being aimed at him.

The man followed the robbers’ orders and moved to the side. Two other customers—a man and a woman—stood still in front of the cash register.

As one robber filled his pockets with money, the other leaned over the counter and pointed his gun at the store clerk.

The man recounted that “The clerk was arguing with them, saying ‘You don’t have to do this. Just leave'”.

He added,”The situation just started to escalate, and I was worried he was going to shoot the clerk.”

While the robbers focused on taking the money from the clerk, the man reached for his 9 mm handgun hidden in a holster under his T-shirt. No one noticed as he proceeded to draw his firearm.

As he started to pull his weapon, the man started to think through the possible consequences of drawing his firearm.

“I’m thinking about all of that and at the same time thinking, you’re supposed to have the right to bear arms, the right to protect yourself, the right to protect others if need be,” he stated.

He added, “I’m like ‘Man, you say you believe in the Second Amendment. You say you believe in America. You know God’s got you.’ ”

The man shot the first robber behind the counter. He aimed for his shoulder but ended up shooting him in the neck.

“He hollered, and I think that distracted (the other gunman) because he wasn’t thinking that was going to happen,” the man recounted. “Nobody thought that was going to happen. He’s probably emotional and distraught because he was in control up to that point.”

The robber behind the counter fell down. The one who was aiming his gun at the clerk turned around to see where the shot came from.

The man responded by firing two more shots which hit the second robber in the torso, killing him.

After kicking the gun away from the dead assailant, the man directed the clerk to call the police. Then he checked on the wounded robber behind the counter to take his gun away and see if he needed first aid.

The man who stepped up to the plate was a concealed carry permit holder, who possessed this permit since he was 21. He goes to a shooting range twice a week and believes that all gun owners should receive proper firearms training.

Although the man was taken away by police after this incident took place, he ended up not receiving any charges for his defensive gun use.





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